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    Get Freedom

    Get FreedomGet freedom from all the external chaos & noise, cause price has all the information and the first information.

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    How Market Behaves

    How Market BehavesKnowing how market Behaves & how one should trade/ Invest well is more important than knowing how technical analysis or any indicator works.

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    Its all about reacting

    Its all about reactingsuccessful trading and investing is all about learning and knowing how to react during market hours and not predicting, forecasting or anticipating

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    Experience, Feel, Realize & visualize

    Experience, Feel, Realize and visualizeMarket is more about experiencing, feeling, realizing and visualizing; not analyzing alone.

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    Emotion free trading

    Emotion free trading How to consistently act in your best interest in a Doubtless, Stress less & effortless way

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    New Working Capital

    New Working Capital Knowledge of knowing the price behavior & is your new working capital

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    Go Left

    Go Left When it doesn't feel right, go left

Financial Freedom Training

Price Analysis Course

Successful investor and traders sometime belives that they are skillfull because they are doing well with their investments and trading. However, they fail to realize that their investment performance is the result of stock market performance and not necessarily their individual abilities.

The challenge ahead is to have the courage to be a valued professional and standard investor. This calls for not only a strong mind but an emotionless strong heart, the heart has to be rational and mind has to be irrational. There are turbulent times ahead. self belief, self reliance, self confidence and conviction will sail you through. Bull and bear market always follows each other, it is up to you to upgrade yourself and be a market literate.

What is Price- Analysis and Why Price- Analysis ?

Success lies in simplicity and as far as Financial Market is concern. simplicity lies in PRICE because Price has all the information and the first information. All type of Technical studies (like Dow, Elliot,Gann or Candle)& their indicators like ( Trend lines,Channels,RSI, Fibonacci or pivot levels, Moving Averages,Oscillators, etc, etc). The PRICE is the source of all the indicators and all the theory which exactly tells us how market behaves. The Price - Movement is the primary happening and indicators are secondary part. Instead of learning how Technical Analysis works and how any indicator works which is a very -very vast and too deep subject, it is advisable to put all our efforts in knowing the primary segment itself the movement of the Price. Let us be interested in learning THE SCIENCE OF PRICE-BEHAVIOR.

Barraged With News

Market timers following trends generate great returns over time because their buy and sell decisions are based on the one piece of information that counts the most. That information is "price."

The only absolute truth... is price. If prices are trending higher, the market is going higher. If prices are trending lower, then the market is trending lower.

Two Kinds Of Traders

News events in particular cause traders to make incorrect decisions, because they play on emotions. The urge to follow the crowd is normal. It is comforting. And in a strong bull market, it may just be correct. But in most circumstances, letting emotions push you into making trading decisions costs traders money.

There are two kinds of traders.

  1. Those who make emotional decisions based on any of the above.
  2. Those who make money off of those who make emotional decisions.

Price Is Always Right

It is hard to accept that one aspect of the markets, price, could be the one thing that is guaranteed to make you a successful market timer or trader. There are so many indicators, so much available analysis, but "price" is always right. It is "never" wrong. At the end of every trading day, price contains the input of millions of traders, the input of all technical and fundamental analysis.

Following Price

Price is objective. You can faithfully follow prices and make timing decisions based on them. You are able to determine trend changes, and most importantly, to exit those positions if the trend was a false one. Only price can be trusted. Only price is always right. Only using price to determine trends can lead you to profitable timing and a successful investing future.


Market timers must follow the trading strategies faithfully. Every sell signal must be followed immediately, and every buy signal as well. Guessing how far a trend will go is useless. No one knows. Price makes the trend. Discipline is the name of this game. Those who stand the test of time and make the trades, will over time, beat the markets, and will be investing winners. The Best Traders are simply slaves to the Market's Price Action.

The Crux of the Training

Namely the price analysis system is a practical algorithm of the psychological system that consists of various theories which helps you react, converse and eventually know the nature of any markets. All it requires is to dirt your hands with these tools and get familiarise with the class four mathematics with a set of four colour pens, calculator, blank papers and the most important is willingness to learn with an open mind, an open mind in the face of constant banter about increasing complicatedness of financial markets, Financial markets are complex and not complicated. Hence Investing is simple and so is trading.

To achieve this cut-off from background chatter, Shiksha is also a lesson in self-reliance, Self-reliance that advocates and eradicates any and all dependence on a dietary regimen of external market noises. This kind of self-reliance is the reason why our trainings have been more successfully learnt all over and put into practice by complete novices and experienced professionals alike.

Objectives of Price Analysis Course

  • To make this course applicable in all of today's markets (stocks, bullion, commodities, options, futures, indexes, new listings, DOW, NASDAQ, KOSPI, FTSE, LME) and any other market.
  • To equip novice and experienced traders alike, with knowledge of how to follow, recognize, and react to impending bull and bear market conditions using our techniques.
  • To empower traders to be able to respond to and profit from shorter term trading as well as longer term investing - when appropriate; through our price-analysis technique.
  • To make our system accessible even to those who do not have access to computers, and to those who cannot or do not wish to follow computerized analysis.
  • To delve deep into the psyche of any trader/investor to help them handle both gaining and losing in the market, without upsetting the grace of living.
  • To teach self-reliance that forever stymies the endless cycle of trading and losing.
  • Again, this is not an economic, fundamental, technical, or mechanical approach. It is a behavioural approach using market -generated information prices i.e. High Price, Low Price and Close price.

Course Benefits

During the course itself, you shall embark on a beautiful, empowering, and liberating journey that will unveil your trading and investing world in a way that will open your eyes and free your wings to enjoy a Doubtless, Effortless and Stressless trading / investing.

This approach teaches you to see clearly what is really happening, the frustration of trading turns into fascination of human behaviour and the result is you can trust your own brains while trading and the pleasure of its purely intellectual.

Who can participate?

Anyone who has some trading and investment experience or in any financial market can participate in our course. Our price analysis course is the key course that is applicable to investors and traders alike. Specifically our courses are designed for people who are:

  • Who is having interest and passion to know how market behaves. To know more How market behaves
  • Interested in self-directed investment.
  • Motivated by curiosity, and are desirous of knowledge.
  • Interested to wish to manage some or all of their investments.
  • Urge to become self dependent and self reliant.
  • Desire to excell.
  • And willingness to stand different from the crowd.

Course Structure & Timings

Please refer our FAQs section.

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