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    Get Freedom

    Get FreedomGet freedom from all the external chaos & noise, cause price has all the information and the first information.

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    How Market Behaves

    How Market BehavesKnowing how market Behaves & how one should trade/ Invest well is more important than knowing how technical analysis or any indicator works.

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    Its all about reacting

    Its all about reactingsuccessful trading and investing is all about learning and knowing how to react during market hours and not predicting, forecasting or anticipating

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    Experience, Feel, Realize & visualize

    Experience, Feel, Realize and visualizeMarket is more about experiencing, feeling, realizing and visualizing; not analyzing alone.

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    Emotion free trading

    Emotion free trading How to consistently act in your best interest in a Doubtless, Stress less & effortless way

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    New Working Capital

    New Working Capital Knowledge of knowing the price behavior & is your new working capital

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    Go Left

    Go Left When it doesn't feel right, go left

About Shiksha

Shiksha is derived from SANSKRIT language which means Education, Shiksha is an Learning Academy which educates and imparts the knowledge to the Market Traders and Investors from Financial Capital Market.

Shiksha empowers comprehensive training and impart knowledge to the traders and investors to know how exactly market behaves. It is meant for those who wants to rely on their own skill sets and knowledge and not News, Information, tips, friendly free advices, Investment consultant/Advisors or operators.

Shiksha can more abstractly be looked at as simply 'an approach' ...an attitude, a way of thinking about markets, and about your psychology in relation to markets. Broadly consisting of two systems, the Shiksha approach is a medley of a behaviour system and a price analysis system.

The behavior system focuses on emptying your metaphorical cup of its pre-conceived notions about markets; primarily the illusion of control that inevitably leads to attempts at predicting markets.

This training focuses on rectifying deep-seated flaws in the market outlook developed and held in the mind of any trader through long/short term exposure to any market. The training teaches a trader to learn to admit to mistakes committed and does this through a system that emphasizes keeping track of each and every mistake and slowly and steadily learning to circumvent the same. This process isn't easy and requires a certain amount of commitment from any participant. However, the nature of the Shiksha way is such that once any trader starts using the system, inevitably and almost without knowing the trader learns to let his ego wash away and imbibe the system in a way that becomes second nature to him/her. You may also wish to look at our personal experience and psychology section in our FAQs.

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