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    Get Freedom

    Get FreedomGet freedom from all the external chaos & noise, cause price has all the information and the first information.

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    How Market Behaves

    How Market BehavesKnowing how market Behaves & how one should trade/ Invest well is more important than knowing how technical analysis or any indicator works.

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    Its all about reacting

    Its all about reactingsuccessful trading and investing is all about learning and knowing how to react during market hours and not predicting, forecasting or anticipating

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    Experience, Feel, Realize & visualize

    Experience, Feel, Realize and visualizeMarket is more about experiencing, feeling, realizing and visualizing; not analyzing alone.

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    Emotion free trading

    Emotion free trading How to consistently act in your best interest in a Doubtless, Stress less & effortless way

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    New Working Capital

    New Working Capital Knowledge of knowing the price behavior is your new working capital

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    Go Left

    Go Left When it doesn't feel right, go left

Shiksha Ideology Shiksha Anthem
Looking for resistance and drifting selling level in a falling market, as opposed to the more common way of looking for a support level and vice versa
While buying we prefer to rely only on reason to buy instead of the support levels, the support levels we workout and track to exit/fold an un favourable position & hold/add the favourble position & vice versa
Knowing whether a trade is high risk trade or a low risk trade, as opposed to risk-return ratio.
Emphasizing on RE-ENTRY level, instead of only Entry and Exit levels
Focus on trading, markets & personal psychology are the integral part of the trading business
Focusing on moving with and reacting to movement of the market; as opposed to dictating markets by predicting, anticipating or forecasting
Focusing on the practical application of analysis instead of lingering on the theoretical basis of technical analysis
Complete reliance on self-knowledge through price analysis as opposed to news and insider information, since we believe that "price has the first, and all the information".
Learning is easy, since our system is numerical in nature, as opposed to being graphical



Any chartered accountant is supposed to know the three Golden principles to practice as acs.

  1. Debit what comes in, Credit what goes out.
  2. Debit the Receiver, Credit the Giver.
  3. Debit the losses and expenses, credit all gains and incomes.

Simillarly, every market participant is supposed to know 4 types of buy trades and 4 types of sell trades as explained

Always all our effort is to know when to buy and when to sell... and it can be known once we know the behaviour of the price and all we know that market has only 2 types of behaviour that is either price rises or price falls ,and every rising price suggest 4 type of buying and 4 types of selling as explained below:

  4 types of trade to buy   4 types of trade to sell
  2 trending trade in an uptrend
  1. Trending BUY of an UPREND
  2. Correction Sell of an Uptrend Completes & Original Uptrend Begins.
  2 non-trending trade in a downtrend
  1. Pullback buy of an Downtrend
  2. Trend Reversal Buy

  2 trending trade in a downtrend
  1. Trending Sell of an Down trend
  2. Pull back buy of a Down trend Completes & Original Down trend Begins.
  2 non-trending trade in an uptrend
  1. Correction sell of an Uptrend
  2. Trend Reversal Sell
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