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    Get Freedom

    Get FreedomGet freedom from all the external chaos & noise, cause price has all the information and the first information.

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    How Market Behaves

    How Market BehavesKnowing how market Behaves & how one should trade/ Invest well is more important than knowing how technical analysis or any indicator works.

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    Its all about reacting

    Its all about reactingsuccessful trading and investing is all about learning and knowing how to react during market hours and not predicting, forecasting or anticipating

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    Experience, Feel, Realize & visualize

    Experience, Feel, Realize and visualizeMarket is more about experiencing, feeling, realizing and visualizing; not analyzing alone.

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    Emotion free trading

    Emotion free trading How to consistently act in your best interest in a Doubtless, Stress less & effortless way

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    New Working Capital

    New Working Capital Knowledge of knowing the price behavior & is your new working capital

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    Go Left

    Go Left When it doesn't feel right, go left


About Himanshu Shaah

Himanshu Shaah has graduated from The Madras University and Ex- Member of Madras Stock Exchange, born and raised up in Chennai (Madras), India and an active Trader/ Investor/ Broker, since 1987.

After trading almost for 15 years he has realized a dire need of educating and imparting the truth about trading and investing and that's how the journey started in 2004 and SHIKSHA FOR THE MARKET” took birth.

He has formed the institute “SHIKSHA FOR THE MARKET”. Under this institute he has trained many participants since Inception. His Participants are from C.A., commerce graduates, general traders, main brokers; also some of them are from big broking house in Mumbai.

He has done number of seminars and workshops across India and in the capital hub (Mumbai, India), which includes topic like “Friendship with Market”. A seminar like never before presented in India.

Himanshu Shaah has travelled a road before you... to save you from falling into some of the pit falls that befell him before introducing this program.

In the unique arena of consultancy, portfolio manager or a financial planner or a software provider, Himanshu Shaah stands out different as a Trainer - Mentor in the industry.

Himanshu Shaah educates traders and investors in a way where they need not learn Technical Analysis which is a very vast and deep subject. He does not teach how Technical Analysis or indicator works, he trains how market works and how one should trade well covering extensively Trading Psychology, Market Psychology and Personal Psychology. His mission is to make traders and investors self reliant.

He has spent his entire career on studying how stress affects traders performance and investors portfolios. He believes that there is not a straight line between knowledge and behaviour and learning financial literacy do not guarantee that traders and investors will make smart financial moves. Therefore Himanshu Shaah uses a combination of Market/ Trading and Personal Psychology and Price Analysis both. He also strongly believes that market is more about feeing, realizing, experiencing and visualizing rather analysis alone and he takes his participants to the world of visualizing the market thru the Key course of Price Analysis

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